7 Things 2014


One of my biggest problems is holding on to my money, I am very much a spender in that way. The problem with being a spender that goes down in income, is that there is less to spend than before, surprisingly enough! Since I also started of the year by blowing my budget totally with a trip to Thailand (no regrets!) I am now in a situation where I don’t really have an option – I just have to stick to budget!

In order to stick to budget, you have to make a budget, and since today is payday I made one last night. It’s a though one for me, not too though as a budget has to be realistic otherwise it will never work.

BudgetI have been kind to myself, my Fish n’ Chip sessions are included as a monthly expense, as well as the book club, two expenses I very well would be able to live with out, but hey, what is life if you don’t live a little. I just had to scale down on the budget for groceries a bit, that on the other hand give me a challenge when it comes to cooking good food with variation, and I never back off from a challenge so it should work out well. As you can see above there is a Leisure post as well, that includes a couple of birthdays (one of them happens to be mine), I don’t think that my friends and family should have to suffer the lack of my company because I felt the need of going to Thailand, right?

Technically I shouldn’t need that much more money, as my life is pretty much just eat, sleep, work and study. What I really need to keep up with is my home-cooked food, as lunches and dinners out are way too expensive, historically it’s been one of my biggest expenditures. I have done good this week, the first week, and as you all regulars in here know I’m always good in the beginning, compare more like a sprinter than a marathon runner, and then I slack of. This time I need to remember to pace myself as I’m still in week 1 of 156 weeks in total…I would call that a marathon if nothing else.

So the goal of the budget is that the little bars should remain green until next payday when it all starts over again. Wish me luck!


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