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A very painful lesson learned

You know how, as a kid, your parents told you to watch where you were going? They have a point! This morning I wanted to go for a walk, I also wanted to check my phone at the same time, that meant that I in no way was looking where I was going and tripped over something, face first, hard! I am now in plenty of pain and my whole day is kind of ruined because I have some problems moving, because it hurts! I hit my knee, my hand of course trying to break my fall, and my chin. How on earth I managed to scrape the chin I don’t know, however I managed it.

Hand Knee Chin

Lesson learned, no more walking and playing with the phone at the same time…Endomondo will have to be started before I start walking, the radio needs to be started before I start walking!

I will now spend the rest of the day feeling sorry for myself, and hoping that the pain will be a little less painful so I can bike to the store for my weekly shopping session.

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