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What to do, what to do?

After doing my weekly shopping for the upcoming week I cooked tomorrows (and three more day’s) lunch, a re-run of an old favourite; Mexican meatballs with black-bean rice (was so sure that I had shared this dish here on the blog before so didn’t bother taking pictures today). (**Update**, I knew the damn recipe was somewhere on the blog, not the prettiest I’ve ever done, here it is though)

This dish only requires the yellow part of the egg, so I was standing there with three egg whites, what can a girl do? I mean, we don’t want any food to go to waste…just add some sugar;

Yum, yum!

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First class procrastination

The plan today was 30 minutes of studying, 30 minutes cleaning, 30 minutes of studying etc and a run in the park weather permitted. So of course when I get a message from a friend that he’s a Latte Dad for the day wondering if I want to go for a coffee, I don’t say no. I definitely don’t regret my decision when the pancakes are put in front of me.

Latte Dads comes with an add on, called a baby, and after sitting down for a while they have a tendency to fret a bit so we decided to go for a walk in the park. That walk ended up being an hour-long, thus no run required today.
Now I just need a short rest on the couch after all the excitement of the morning, then I will aim for the original plan, minus the run of course. Spontaneous meet-ups must be the best.

How’s your Saturday coming along?

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Benefits of working

Every week two things happen in the office, the fruit baskets arrive and Friday morning breakfast. Depending on how many people are in the office during the week and on Friday mornings, there are more or less fruit and bread leftover on Friday afternoon/evening.


My colleagues have made it clear that they would be more than happy to se none of the left-overs to go to waste. The bread dries up over the weekend and on Monday a new fruit basket arrives so no one eats out of the old one. They have also made it very clear that the poor student that usually leaves last on Fridays are more than welcome to remedy the situation. Thus I ate a real yum fruit salad for breakfast this morning, free of charge!


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Someone got thoroughly beaten

So, my lovely friend Almeria did beat me in this months challenge, and she did it good! Big shout out to Almeria, nicely done girl! All the honor to you!Challenge EndHowever, I did beat my sister, always something! Whoop, whoop! And I have a the best excuses ever;

  • I got sick, down with fever and then after my eardrum burst – a week one penicillin!
  • Almeria has the perfect biking commute to work, that racks up plenty of k’s. This is the downside with living too close to work (think that is the only downside actually)

Of course I will not let this stand, so there is another challenge out now. Anyone can join, don’t be discouraged by Almerias good job this month, she might not be able to do it again, especially since this time around we are doing the most workouts rather than k’s. Let’s see who wins this time!!!!

You find the challenge here


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The life of a student

I have been whining a bit about today’s class as some genius scheduled it for 12 midday. This kind of ruins the day for me when it comes to working as the few hours in the morning or afternoon aren’t worth going in, starting up the computer and hitting my tasks since when all that is done it’s pretty much time to leave again. However there’s nothing to do about it, so I had a lay-in before making coffee and hitting the books with the radio on in the background, that’s when I found out! Today’s hockey quarterfinal wasn’t tonight it was this morning! The joy!


Thus I had the pleasure of watching Sweden beat Slovakia 5 to nothing, easily making their way into the semifinal, this while trying to study at the same time (guess how well that went!). Rounding of this lovely morning in the life of a student, I ate like one;


Pasta straight out of the pot!

Thank you, who ever planned the schedule, much appreciated! I’m on my way to class now, might be a tad bit late though, sorry but had to see the end of the game!

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No garbage

I have started to subscribe to the Good news network in order to hear some positive stories compared to depressing TV and radio news where all you hear about is violence and war. Yesterday I came across this story about zero waste lifestyle and since I read it I keep thinking about how much garbage that I actually throw out on a daily basis and find the thought very interesting. Then I start thinking about how much work that goes into not accumulating trash and feeling to lazy to do it, kind of ridiculous. I’m already doing some, with the help of aiming to spend as little money as possible, by bringing my own fabric bag to the store when I go grocery shopping or having a big purse when I do smaller purchases, that way you can no thank you to the plastic bag and just chuck the thing into your purse instead. However that is far from enough.

When I buy vegetables in the store, I put them in a plastic bag and pretty much everything comes into some kind of packaging. We have different bins for different types of material in the garbage room in my house, I just haven’t taken the time to learn what goes into each bin and usually just throw it all in the bin that goes to the landfill. I guess I should make an effort on this front, find out what kind of plastic I can recycle and make sure that I only buy that kind of packaging. I should try to avoid buying food that are wrapped in recyclable packaging and avoid the rest – I wonder if this is combineable with my low-cost lifestyle?

I don’t have that many excuses to not aim for a zero waste lifestyle, I live in a country that is one of the best in the world on recycling, laziness is not an excuse! I just have to think one extra time before I buy something, and again when I throw it out. How do you do it? Any good ideas on how to avoid garbage that are non-recyclable? Maybe I have a challenge for March in here, what do you say? You think I can do it?

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The horrible blogger

I’m still working on adapting to my new lifestyle, the one where I have to get up at seven am in the morning, attend school and work, or work and school or sometimes just school or just work. The days get rather long and tiresome, it’s been a long time since seven am morning was nothing but an exception for me thanks to fab flexible hours at work. It does make me a rather boring person though, that bike past beautiful sunsets, little things I notice about the city I live in and make me think that I really like it, because I’m too tired to stop the bike and take a picture. I do think that it would make a real nice blog post though, so I am thinking about you guys.

The Swedish Goddess is doing a pretty good job too, sticking to budget trying out nice new dishes, she just doesn’t get around to taking pictures of them. Soon though, what do they say? It takes 30 days to create a new habit? That would mean that I’m almost there so soon I should be like my old perky self even though there are seven am starts…right?

Oh well, who knows! Today school finished at two and when we left the school building there was this big yellow ball in the sky, it wasn’t too cold and the spring feeling kicked in with an extra energy boost. Thus I got some errands done, including my weekly shopping, there was a load of laundry and cleaning hidden in there as well. Due to my two classes, one of them being a rather succesful group discussion, together with my grown-up afternoon I have allowed myself a night of on the couch – if the living-room would have been the room where the cleaning took place today, there would be a picture right here with the view from my couch, now it’s not.

Once the movie (Miss Congeniality) is done with (I know, I know, I’ve seen it a million times, I still want to see how it ends) and the coffee maker is programmed for tomorrow morning it’s bedtime again. It feels like the days are getting so much shorter when you get up so early and into bed before midnight. Is that just me?

Well, good night peeps. I’ll try to provide an update on birthday celebrations part three and four and five tomorrow.