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Let the celebrations begin!

It’s that magical time of year again, my birthday time! For loyal followers of this blog and my IRL friends you all know I absolutely LOVE to celebrate my birthday. Me inviting pretty much everyone I know for celebrations have become something of a tradition down here in the south (invites go out to people in the same area as my, not globally), and this year was no different. Since I don’t get to spend that much time in Copenhagen nowadays I decided to enjoy the dinner over there (and no matter what people say, the people living in Copenhagen are not always that keen on travelling over to Malmö, so I belive I get a higher attendance over there) at a nice little place Miss Legal introduced me to last year.

It started out with quite the eventful trip over to good old Copenhagen when our train got delayed for an unknown reason, and after a light jog up the escalator I made a very nice last-minute entrance on the metro while the doors were closing. I was so focused on not getting stuck in the doors that I totally forgot that I had Miss T behind me, so while the train was leaving the platform with me on it, she was still standing on that same platform. Of course I got of at the next station, waited for five minutes and then got on the next train where Miss T was waiting. The positive side of the whole excursion was the travel snack that Miss T brought;wpid-shot_1391875991952.jpg

The next challenge of the night was to find the right bus stop, right now a quite large renovation is taking place where we got of the metro, and one can’t say that the signs indicating where our bus would leave from were very clear. We saw a sign pointing in one direction, we walked in that direction and instead of finding the bus stop we found another sign pointing in the opposite direction. Turns out that we were supposed to turn down another street somewhere in between the two signs (kind of think they should have added one more sign in the middle).

We got on the bus and made it to the restaurant, only 25 minutes late, arriving to a small chaos – I’m not a party planner! Someone, me, had accidentally booked a table for six people rather than the eight that had said they were coming. We also became one more, so in total nine people, just a few hours before the appointed time. Guess what, the waitress wasn’t to fond of me at that point. It also turned out that there was a time limit on the table, we only had it until 20:15 (it was now around 18.30) – oops! Miss T has kindly informed me that next year, she will take care of the whole planning thing, I find that to be a brilliant idea.

After squeezing down, four on one side, three on the other due to late comers, we ordered some cava and the gifts came out! Whoop, whoop! One beautiful homemade card, a book that seem real interesting and a bottle of Moet. Do I have good friends or what?wpid-IMG_20140208_184946.jpgwpid-shot_1391987728188.jpg wpid-shot_1391881292370.jpg

My choice of food for the evening was tiger prawns and crayfish with some chips on the side, yum, yum!wpid-shot_1391882834433.jpg wpid-shot_1391882829588.jpg wpid-shot_1391882823392.jpg

The rest of the bunch had dessert, I skipped it and enjoy them all devour their pancakes! Looked kind of funny, especially since the latecommers (will not mention any names here) had now arrived and went for some pancakes as well.

After a rather stressed dinner (my fault, I know) we all went for a short walk to a lovely cocktail bar recommended by Miss T (yeah, yeah, she will do the planning next year) where we spent the rest of the night enjoying awesome drinks and splendid company.wpid-DSC_0007.jpg

It ended up being the perfect evening where friends come together and spoil the birthday child (me) rotten with laughter, memories about the good old times when we were young, and ridiculous pictures that compare Miley Cyrus butt with that of a chicken. I was home at two in the morning feeling happy and woke up this morning with a smile on my face, just the way it should be.

So thanks again my peeps for the good company, birthday gifts, the dinner, the drinks and loads of laughter! See you all again next year, same time – different place.

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