Quality of Life

The perfect Sunday

This beautiful Sunday morning I was allowed to sleep until ten am, might have something to do with arriving home at two am, still it was nice to not wake up at seven at least one day this week. After a chill morning with my coffee planning the coming weeks menu I met up with Miss T to check out an apartment that is up for sale in the building across from mine. It was an awesome place and it even made me wanna move a little bit, not gonna happen but the kitchen was to die for compared to my sad small little kitchen.

Afterwards we went for a lunch that I decided to spoil myself with since last night was a bit below budget, and it is birthday season. We found a new bagel place that served up an awesome salmon bagel, I will definitely go back there when the budget allows. I also picked up a package at the postoffice, that I can’t open until tomorrow morning, just a tad bit painful. It’s lucky that I’m a grown-up now a days so can keep myself from jumping the gun.wpid-shot_1391945226389.jpg

I came home and had a short chill on the couch, that ended up being a bit longer than planned. I belive that the rule is “never sit down”, especially when you have to manage another trip outdoors, which of course I did. My favourite Latte Mum could unfortunately not join the dinner last night, instead she was kind enough to let me borrow her monthly pass for the train, something I needed to return today so she could go to work tomorrow morning. I was gonna go there, drop of the card and then head over to the grocery store, it’s just that she invited me in, gave me real nice tea and then offered me some food together with her and her adorable little daughter. I was in no rush what so ever, it became a real nice afternoon babbling away just hanging. Love that kind of stuff!

I made it to the grocery store as well, it doesn’t close until ten, and got food for this week and special food for tomorrow night, yes I accidentally went 20sek over the budget, but it’s a nice piece of steak that I will enjoy with some baked potatoes and mozzarella. It’s only birthday season once a year so I deserve to spoil myself.

Now it’s waaaaaay past my bedtime so I should really hit the sack, it’s just that I can’t really sleep the night before my birthday so I figured I might as well update the blog!

Nigth peeps! Tomorrow’s the big day!

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