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The Swedish Goddess Birthday Dinner

What do you do when your birthday is on a sad little Monday, the most depressing day of the week? Well, I guess you make sure that you had an awesome celebration with your friends the weekend past, like I did – my detailed step-by-step planning was the key to success…right. Then you make sure that you are going home to celebrate with family and friends the weekend to come, am sure that it’s going to be totally awesome as well. Finally, you have an awesome mum that not only make sure you have a gift to open in the morning, she make sure that you come home to this;wpid-shot_1392048676936.jpg

Seriously, I have the best mum on the planet, no competition.

Oh wait! I have one more, you splash on your favourite food and cook a real cosy dinner that you enjoy with a nice glass of wine and your favorite magazine! The perfect Monday birthday night! First, the warm-up while waiting for the potatoes to cook.wpid-shot_1392052577456.jpg Then, you enjoy the candles, the wine, and the magazine together with a real nice piece of steak, baked potatoes, mozzarella and tomato salad and some greens on the side.wpid-shot_1392054276001.jpg wpid-shot_1392054295140.jpg

For dessert you can do scratchy’s, a new birthday gift one and one that is a relative to the scratchy I got from my aunty during last years birthday season.


Sadly enough none of them gave me any money 😦

Ps. don’t ask what me what it all cost, its way over budget! Birthday’s only comes around once a year though.

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