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A tad bit disappointed

I had my first exam today and it didn’t quite go as I hoped. I think I will pass, it was just that I set my goals higher than just passing. The trouble today was the requirement of memorizing ten formulae, something I’m not very good at. I’m especially not good at it when I know it’s information I don’t need to retain long-term.

I did try though, amongst other things my poor kitchen cupboard doors were enlisted to help.


This way I could read and attempt to memorize while cooking, doing the dishes, drinking a glass of water etc. I also wrote them down over and over again as well as practicing the calculations. Still, while I was sitting there at the exam they were all gone, the once I attempted I realized afterwards that I got them all jumbled.

Well, the exam is over and done with ( unless I fail, then I have to do it all over again so I’ll just let them sit there until I know the result) and all I can do is look forward and do better on the next course. That starts tomorrow, at 8am so I should definitely be in bed by now!

So peeps, you have any good study techniques for me?

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