Absolutely Nothing

The horrible blogger

I’m still working on adapting to my new lifestyle, the one where I have to get up at seven am in the morning, attend school and work, or work and school or sometimes just school or just work. The days get rather long and tiresome, it’s been a long time since seven am morning was nothing but an exception for me thanks to fab flexible hours at work. It does make me a rather boring person though, that bike past beautiful sunsets, little things I notice about the city I live in and make me think that I really like it, because I’m too tired to stop the bike and take a picture. I do think that it would make a real nice blog post though, so I am thinking about you guys.

The Swedish Goddess is doing a pretty good job too, sticking to budget trying out nice new dishes, she just doesn’t get around to taking pictures of them. Soon though, what do they say? It takes 30 days to create a new habit? That would mean that I’m almost there so soon I should be like my old perky self even though there are seven am starts…right?

Oh well, who knows! Today school finished at two and when we left the school building there was this big yellow ball in the sky, it wasn’t too cold and the spring feeling kicked in with an extra energy boost. Thus I got some errands done, including my weekly shopping, there was a load of laundry and cleaning hidden in there as well. Due to my two classes, one of them being a rather succesful group discussion, together with my grown-up afternoon I have allowed myself a night of on the couch – if the living-room would have been the room where the cleaning took place today, there would be a picture right here with the view from my couch, now it’s not.

Once the movie (Miss Congeniality) is done with (I know, I know, I’ve seen it a million times, I still want to see how it ends) and the coffee maker is programmed for tomorrow morning it’s bedtime again. It feels like the days are getting so much shorter when you get up so early and into bed before midnight. Is that just me?

Well, good night peeps. I’ll try to provide an update on birthday celebrations part three and four and five tomorrow.

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