No garbage

I have started to subscribe to the Good news network in order to hear some positive stories compared to depressing TV and radio news where all you hear about is violence and war. Yesterday I came across this story about zero waste lifestyle and since I read it I keep thinking about how much garbage that I actually throw out on a daily basis and find the thought very interesting. Then I start thinking about how much work that goes into not accumulating trash and feeling to lazy to do it, kind of ridiculous. I’m already doing some, with the help of aiming to spend as little money as possible, by bringing my own fabric bag to the store when I go grocery shopping or having a big purse when I do smaller purchases, that way you can no thank you to the plastic bag and just chuck the thing into your purse instead. However that is far from enough.

When I buy vegetables in the store, I put them in a plastic bag and pretty much everything comes into some kind of packaging. We have different bins for different types of material in the garbage room in my house, I just haven’t taken the time to learn what goes into each bin and usually just throw it all in the bin that goes to the landfill. I guess I should make an effort on this front, find out what kind of plastic I can recycle and make sure that I only buy that kind of packaging. I should try to avoid buying food that are wrapped in recyclable packaging and avoid the rest – I wonder if this is combineable with my low-cost lifestyle?

I don’t have that many excuses to not aim for a zero waste lifestyle, I live in a country that is one of the best in the world on recycling, laziness is not an excuse! I just have to think one extra time before I buy something, and again when I throw it out. How do you do it? Any good ideas on how to avoid garbage that are non-recyclable? Maybe I have a challenge for March in here, what do you say? You think I can do it?

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