The life of a student

I have been whining a bit about today’s class as some genius scheduled it for 12 midday. This kind of ruins the day for me when it comes to working as the few hours in the morning or afternoon aren’t worth going in, starting up the computer and hitting my tasks since when all that is done it’s pretty much time to leave again. However there’s nothing to do about it, so I had a lay-in before making coffee and hitting the books with the radio on in the background, that’s when I found out! Today’s hockey quarterfinal wasn’t tonight it was this morning! The joy!


Thus I had the pleasure of watching Sweden beat Slovakia 5 to nothing, easily making their way into the semifinal, this while trying to study at the same time (guess how well that went!). Rounding of this lovely morning in the life of a student, I ate like one;


Pasta straight out of the pot!

Thank you, who ever planned the schedule, much appreciated! I’m on my way to class now, might be a tad bit late though, sorry but had to see the end of the game!

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