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Someone got thoroughly beaten

So, my lovely friend Almeria did beat me in this months challenge, and she did it good! Big shout out to Almeria, nicely done girl! All the honor to you!Challenge EndHowever, I did beat my sister, always something! Whoop, whoop! And I have a the best excuses ever;

  • I got sick, down with fever and then after my eardrum burst – a week one penicillin!
  • Almeria has the perfect biking commute to work, that racks up plenty of k’s. This is the downside with living too close to work (think that is the only downside actually)

Of course I will not let this stand, so there is another challenge out now. Anyone can join, don’t be discouraged by Almerias good job this month, she might not be able to do it again, especially since this time around we are doing the most workouts rather than k’s. Let’s see who wins this time!!!!

You find the challenge here


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