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First class procrastination

The plan today was 30 minutes of studying, 30 minutes cleaning, 30 minutes of studying etc and a run in the park weather permitted. So of course when I get a message from a friend that he’s a Latte Dad for the day wondering if I want to go for a coffee, I don’t say no. I definitely don’t regret my decision when the pancakes are put in front of me.

Latte Dads comes with an add on, called a baby, and after sitting down for a while they have a tendency to fret a bit so we decided to go for a walk in the park. That walk ended up being an hour-long, thus no run required today.
Now I just need a short rest on the couch after all the excitement of the morning, then I will aim for the original plan, minus the run of course. Spontaneous meet-ups must be the best.

How’s your Saturday coming along?

2 thoughts on “First class procrastination

    1. I tend to feel jealous of people that manage to spread their studying over time. Will not stop trying and constantly try to find study dates to force myself to be ahead rather than behind on my studies.


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