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A Sunday adventure

This Sunday past me and my favourite latte mum had some nice plans, a trip to the craft fair that was on here in Malmö over the weekend. We agreed to meet at the central station in order to take the train out to the location of the fair, and as it happened me eating a Subway before getting started. I had spent the morning in the tub with my book and totally forgotten all about time and food. We ended up sitting at the Subway for a while, you know chatting away in the way only women do ;), and it was past one before we headed up to the Malmömässan to start our fun and hopefully loads of shopping. It’s just that we reached our goal the signs said something about condos in Spain, and other real estate related things. Ooops, as it turned out, we had made our way to the wrong location.1. Country side

There was nothing else to do than head out in the rain and wind in order to find a bus to the correct location, and since I am such a good girl, I double checked that we were waiting at the right bus stop, we don’t want to go in the wrong direction now, do we? The bus shows up, we get on and the bus start moving – towards the country side. Latte mum says it have to be the wrong direction, and me, since I checked, very firmly says no of course not, it probably just go around. Latte mum doesn’t want to hear it and checks on her phone, we are going in the wrong direction so all we could do was to get of. In the country side, there were horses and stuff.2. Country Side

After another wait for the bus, we manage to get on one in the right direction, get of at the right stop and make our way to our beloved crafts fair. I will admit that my expectations was probably set a tad bit to high and I was hoping for more discounted stuff. Especially some big bins of cheap yarn, however it wasn’t to be. I got out of there with some darning needles, a couple of cable-stitch pins, fabric for a new scarf and cute little thingies.3. Craft fair 5. Craft fair 4. Craft fair 8. Needles 9. Scarf fabric 7. The little thingies

And not to forget, my awesome granny bag in happy colours that just make me smile. It’s the inner bohemian hippie inside of me that is fighting to get out now that I’m not married to the corporate world anymore. And who am I to resist?10. Granny bag

It only took us an hour to check out all the stalls, so we went for coffee before heading home, so we could max our together time 🙂6. CoffeeIt was a very good way to spend a Sunday peeps, I strongly recommend it. Seriously it’s so much better to hang with your friends IRL rather than over Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber or any other way of communicating!

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