When life sucks

You know it’s Monday when…

– The night before you get it in your head that class the next morning is at ten, so no problem you can watch NCIS, and the Closer, and Criminal Minds; all your late night favorites.

– You wake up super tired just to realize that you forgot to buy coffee while at the grocery store the day before

– You thought you would have time to sort out your lunch this morning, you don’t because your class starts at eight, whole weeks meal schedule is suddenly on the rocks.

– You make it half-way to the train station before you realize that your wallet is still at home, and you have no coffee or cigarettes.

– You miss your train since you had to go home and get your wallet

– The train stops at random stop signals all the way to your stop, making you even later than you already were.

– You are trying to take a picture for this post and it just doesn’t work.

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