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This long easter weekend has been absolutely fab! Awesome weather, quality time with mother and auntie, loads of studying done and peaceful quietness at the summerhouse.




I also won on bingo!


And then there was the excitement of going home, not actually going home but for the first time since I moved south in 2007 the train was set to leave from platform 2!


All previous times both arrival and departure have been from platform 1 thus the photo. However, I should have known better, me and trains! When the train arrived it neatly pulled up at platform one as usual. This is where it would have been nice if the platforms were in the middle with a track on each side. This isn’t the case, instead there is a rather high walking bridge over the tracks with winding stairs on both sides. If it wasn’t for the fact that o had, with the help of mother, to pick up all my stuff and run I would have taken a picture. With that start to the trip though the rest went smoothly and I arrived home without issue. Unfortunately it means back to the everyday life of work and studying.

How was your easter?

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The train jinx strikes again

By now there should have been pictures of me on a train, I was planning on taking pictures of my most interesting train reading (textbooks and required reading). By now I was supposed to be in the summer-house with the worlds best mummy and my (one of them) favorite aunties, eating tacos and hopefully enjoy a glass of red wine or three. However, I did warn the world about the possibility with my standard announcement when it’s time for me to get on a longer train trip;

Public service announcement

Most of the time it works as a joke, however I am super unlucky with trains and train rides (something that the people that’s been around for a while know) and today when I reached the train station, I met with this;

wpid-dsc_0091.jpgIt pretty much says that all trains are cancelled. With this followed several lines, miss-information, and pure stupidity from the train company’s side. Like when they said that everyone had to make their way to the next city of Lund to catch the train from there. At this point, three trains towards Stockholm had been cancelled and they wanted to put all passengers of four trains on there. At the same time, there had been a couple of hours where no-one could make it to Lund by train, some managed to get on buses;


Most people wanted to get on a train at this point. I took the escalator down, realised it was even impossible to get down on the platform and went straight back up again. There’s a limit on how hard I will fight to get on a train, no matter how much I actually want to be at the summer-house tonight, it wont kill me to wait until tomorrow. Instead me and a girl that I met that was in the same situation as me made our way to O’Leary’s in order to appreciate the sun;wpid-dsc_0093.jpg

Two of those, nowhere close to being in budget, later the sun had gone down behind the houses and it got freezing cold, me and my new and temporary friend parted, she to go meet her boyfriend, me to go and sort out some dinner for the evening. Like most people going away for a few days, I had absolutely no food at home. So instead of tacos with mummy I had sad grocery store salad all by myself (not that I’m feeling sorry for myself or anything like that). Lets just all hope that there will be no issues with the trains at 8:11 tomorrow morning when my next train is due to leave.


Peace out!


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A Saturday in bed!

I met up with the multi-talented Lady D yesterday, and we managed to polish of two bottles of wine while talking about every topic possible, I will admit that the discussions becomes more and more heated after each glass of wine. We did meet up early though, I finished class at four and got an hour of studying done before Lady D finished work at five and the date could begin. That means that I was home in good time, and able to have a chillaxing evening on the couch, a well needed time-out as there is a busy weekend ahead.wpid-img_20140412_124854.jpg

I woke up, without an alarm, at eight this morning, got up and made some coffee that I brought back to bed with me, I then opened my textbook, yes! I’m studying, trying to be a good little student. I didn’t feel super happy with my performance after the last exam, and feel that I want to step up my game to ensure that the next one goes better, thus I will spend every waking time this weekend with my nose in my books.

In order to be a good student, you also need energy, which is why I made myself a lovely plate of brunch (that I also partook in bed) with my second attempt ever on hash browns, that turned out just perfect, and home-made bread. Pure luxury.wpid-img_20140412_124945.jpg

With a fresh pot of coffee, the break is now over and I will return to my book in marketing. Is it only me, or are they trying to make all these topic seem so much more complicated in these books than they actually are in real life? I’m getting dizzy from reading however when I write it up myself, removing all the additional stuff in the book it doesn’t really look like it need to be some complicated…maybe it’s one of those books where they get paid by word.

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I did it daddy!

What feels like a lifetime ago my sister met this guy from south of Sweden (we wont go into that story) that she got attached to and decided to keep. We like him, most of the time, when he does his big brother chores, he is good at that, and the fact that due to him I have the two best little nieces ever (then we have the fun story about subtitles because you can’t understand what they say down here, sadly enough both me and my sister have lived here enough to understand, the subtitle story is a fun one though).

Well, at one point she did move south to live with this dude, and got introduced to the quiz night at Fagans, a lovely thing indeed that I try to join on Thursday nights, it’s fun and relaxing. The thing is that once upon a time, before I moved south and my sister back north, they went to the quiz. My sister, her now husband and their friends, and my dad when he was down there for working.

He got it, me and my sister spoke about it not that long ago, when I was the one holding the quiz, he would have gotten into the car and driven down to be a part of that quiz, for him it was a thing too. He got it!

Mr Quizmaster might not get it, but for me, my sister and my dad, it’s a thing. And tonight I won that thing, and yes, I wanted to call him, rub his nose in it, I won – he never did! It’s a bit hard to call a dead guy though, still – I won, well, I guess we won.

I can still rub it in the face of my sister and her hubby…which might be the reason they didn’t answer their phones after the winning picture was posted on Facebook, still – I won, I won, I won!!!

And daddy, where ever you are, know that the first person I wanted to call was you, and I hope that your nose is thoroughly rubbed in it!

And yes, we wooooooooooooooooooooon!


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Some things are just meant to be

It was rough getting out of bed this morning, not only did I stay up too late watch TV last night (damn you double episodes of really good British crime that starts way to late) my phone was just full of messages of things to do or from people I don’t want to hear from. Thus I snoozed, turned around, went back to sleep and pretended that none of it was there.
It doesn’t work long-term though, there’s the class to attend, work to go to, phone calls to make and all that jazz. So I did get up, got my coffee, packed my bag and headed out my door. Just as I locked that door I heard steps coming up the stairs, steps that turned out to belong to my mailwoman, a lovely woman, who was very happy to see me because I saved her having to carry a package back to the postoffice. So just in-time for my first class in marketing, my textbook arrived so i could start reading it on the train to school.


If I would have been on time this morning, I would not have met her and gotten my book today but maybe on Wednesday, and since I have eight (!) chapters to read this week, having to book already is just perfect – sometimes it’s just meant to be.

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