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Some things are just meant to be

It was rough getting out of bed this morning, not only did I stay up too late watch TV last night (damn you double episodes of really good British crime that starts way to late) my phone was just full of messages of things to do or from people I don’t want to hear from. Thus I snoozed, turned around, went back to sleep and pretended that none of it was there.
It doesn’t work long-term though, there’s the class to attend, work to go to, phone calls to make and all that jazz. So I did get up, got my coffee, packed my bag and headed out my door. Just as I locked that door I heard steps coming up the stairs, steps that turned out to belong to my mailwoman, a lovely woman, who was very happy to see me because I saved her having to carry a package back to the postoffice. So just in-time for my first class in marketing, my textbook arrived so i could start reading it on the train to school.


If I would have been on time this morning, I would not have met her and gotten my book today but maybe on Wednesday, and since I have eight (!) chapters to read this week, having to book already is just perfect – sometimes it’s just meant to be.

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