I did it daddy!

What feels like a lifetime ago my sister met this guy from south of Sweden (we wont go into that story) that she got attached to and decided to keep. We like him, most of the time, when he does his big brother chores, he is good at that, and the fact that due to him I have the two best little nieces ever (then we have the fun story about subtitles because you can’t understand what they say down here, sadly enough both me and my sister have lived here enough to understand, the subtitle story is a fun one though).

Well, at one point she did move south to live with this dude, and got introduced to the quiz night at Fagans, a lovely thing indeed that I try to join on Thursday nights, it’s fun and relaxing. The thing is that once upon a time, before I moved south and my sister back north, they went to the quiz. My sister, her now husband and their friends, and my dad when he was down there for working.

He got it, me and my sister spoke about it not that long ago, when I was the one holding the quiz, he would have gotten into the car and driven down to be a part of that quiz, for him it was a thing too. He got it!

Mr Quizmaster might not get it, but for me, my sister and my dad, it’s a thing. And tonight I won that thing, and yes, I wanted to call him, rub his nose in it, I won – he never did! It’s a bit hard to call a dead guy though, still – I won, well, I guess we won.

I can still rub it in the face of my sister and her hubby…which might be the reason they didn’t answer their phones after the winning picture was posted on Facebook, still – I won, I won, I won!!!

And daddy, where ever you are, know that the first person I wanted to call was you, and I hope that your nose is thoroughly rubbed in it!

And yes, we wooooooooooooooooooooon!


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