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A Saturday in bed!

I met up with the multi-talented Lady D yesterday, and we managed to polish of two bottles of wine while talking about every topic possible, I will admit that the discussions becomes more and more heated after each glass of wine. We did meet up early though, I finished class at four and got an hour of studying done before Lady D finished work at five and the date could begin. That means that I was home in good time, and able to have a chillaxing evening on the couch, a well needed time-out as there is a busy weekend ahead.wpid-img_20140412_124854.jpg

I woke up, without an alarm, at eight this morning, got up and made some coffee that I brought back to bed with me, I then opened my textbook, yes! I’m studying, trying to be a good little student. I didn’t feel super happy with my performance after the last exam, and feel that I want to step up my game to ensure that the next one goes better, thus I will spend every waking time this weekend with my nose in my books.

In order to be a good student, you also need energy, which is why I made myself a lovely plate of brunch (that I also partook in bed) with my second attempt ever on hash browns, that turned out just perfect, and home-made bread. Pure luxury.wpid-img_20140412_124945.jpg

With a fresh pot of coffee, the break is now over and I will return to my book in marketing. Is it only me, or are they trying to make all these topic seem so much more complicated in these books than they actually are in real life? I’m getting dizzy from reading however when I write it up myself, removing all the additional stuff in the book it doesn’t really look like it need to be some complicated…maybe it’s one of those books where they get paid by word.

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