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The train jinx strikes again

By now there should have been pictures of me on a train, I was planning on taking pictures of my most interesting train reading (textbooks and required reading). By now I was supposed to be in the summer-house with the worlds best mummy and my (one of them) favorite aunties, eating tacos and hopefully enjoy a glass of red wine or three. However, I did warn the world about the possibility with my standard announcement when it’s time for me to get on a longer train trip;

Public service announcement

Most of the time it works as a joke, however I am super unlucky with trains and train rides (something that the people that’s been around for a while know) and today when I reached the train station, I met with this;

wpid-dsc_0091.jpgIt pretty much says that all trains are cancelled. With this followed several lines, miss-information, and pure stupidity from the train company’s side. Like when they said that everyone had to make their way to the next city of Lund to catch the train from there. At this point, three trains towards Stockholm had been cancelled and they wanted to put all passengers of four trains on there. At the same time, there had been a couple of hours where no-one could make it to Lund by train, some managed to get on buses;


Most people wanted to get on a train at this point. I took the escalator down, realised it was even impossible to get down on the platform and went straight back up again. There’s a limit on how hard I will fight to get on a train, no matter how much I actually want to be at the summer-house tonight, it wont kill me to wait until tomorrow. Instead me and a girl that I met that was in the same situation as me made our way to O’Leary’s in order to appreciate the sun;wpid-dsc_0093.jpg

Two of those, nowhere close to being in budget, later the sun had gone down behind the houses and it got freezing cold, me and my new and temporary friend parted, she to go meet her boyfriend, me to go and sort out some dinner for the evening. Like most people going away for a few days, I had absolutely no food at home. So instead of tacos with mummy I had sad grocery store salad all by myself (not that I’m feeling sorry for myself or anything like that). Lets just all hope that there will be no issues with the trains at 8:11 tomorrow morning when my next train is due to leave.


Peace out!


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