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The real important things in life

I made an attempt to be a bit serious here on the blog, talk about things that affects our everyday life.


Then I posted a pic of the glas of wine that I was enjoying while writing the post about voting and using our democratic right.


21 likes for the wine, not one reader of the voting post. I’m giving up on you peeps, why be serious?!?

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It could have been all about Irving

I have friends that post pictures like this on Facebook;

Books up for grabs and I was quick enough to get my hands on Irving, and even if the book was located in Copenhagen I managed to get my hands on it on Friday night, because yes! I got to go to Copenhagen for the weekend. So this post could be all about how I was reading Irving in Copenhagen, however it won’t be. My biggest fan came to town and managed to drag some of the old gang together, so Friday night was spent with them by the water enjoying a fab evening, and I didn’t manage to take a single picture!

Don’t worry though, the weekend didn’t end there. Saturday morning brought me to the tourist Mecca of Copenhagen, Nyhavn, where I had the honor of sitting on a wooden boat while enjoying the morning sun. I was sitting there, just hanging with Da Teacher while waiting for my biggest fan to show up. I had decided to be in charge of her Saturday in Copenhagen that brought us to a brunch date with a very lovely pregnant woman who is getting ready to move back to the US (Dear Miss Preggers, don’t think that you will get away, we will meet in October as long as the border people let me in).


After the yummy brunch we returned to the Mecca with white wine and crayons. Thus the afternoon was spent on first the little boat, then a bigger boat, together with wine and fun random people.


And of course there was drawings on the ground, don’t think me and Da Teacher will ever stop painting the world a happier place (not sure that dead body outlines make people happy, but whatever!).

I headed home early to crash while my biggest fan and da teacher continued their evening out, that story is not for me to tell though!

Once again a fab weekend on the other side of the water, thanks my peeps for making it happen!

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I voted! Will you?

There’s an election on for all of us in the European Union. I’m the first one to admit that the interest is low and from the beginning I wasn’t interested in Sweden joining the union at all.


However, I’m not a big fan of the direction that Europe is taking, extreme groups to both left and right are gaining ground and taking advantage of their positions. Some group’s see themselves as being correct and right and with that view they allow themselves to use violence against people that don’t agree with their way of thinking.

Some people take advantage of the current financial situation, using it as a way to close our borders and decide that certain groups are not welcome.

I think that we should remember that once upon a time Europe was poor and over-crowded, we could solve this by emigration. A part of why we are were we are is because of that, we should give other people a chance to do the same.

We have people that say that if you aren’t Scandinavian white and of the same Christian believe that we are raised with in Sweden you are a bad person, violent and stupid because you don’t know better.

We have people that say that if you don’t think like us you are an idiot and we are allowed to use violence and hate against you. We are allowed to take your right to free speech away because we don’t approve of what you are saying and thinking.

Because of all these people that think that they know better than everyone else. Because of the people that judge people based on how they look, what god they believe in, where they are from or what political view they have. Because of all these people I made sure to vote for this upcoming European Union election. I voted for someone that I believe can carry the voice of many people, no matter what.


Most of all I voted because I can!

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Ice Capades

Of all the places to go watch people on ice with or without a puck, Malmö isn’t the most apparent place to do so. This Sunday Malmö was the place to be though for a show with people who hang on ice without the puck, and it was an amazing show as well.


It was a bit unfortunate that there hadn’t been a bit more adverts for the show, I haven’t seen any it was mother dearest that heard about it so of course she was my date for the afternoon and the show named Infinity.


It was the Malmö ice-skating association that organized the event and their young ones was the cause of plenty of smiles, laughs and aaaaws. Due to the requirement for them to wear helmets, and the attempt to hide said helmet the little ones looked like real adorable little mushrooms.

The mushrooms

Not sure you can see them on the picture as it was a bit difficult to take pictures throughout the show, you know with the darkness and all.
In addition to the Malmö ice skaters, some with the potential to become the future of Swedish ice-skating, there were some really good, quite famous, skaters in the show as well, Carolina Koster, Tomas Verner, Alexander Majorov and Victoria Helgersson (which is which on the pictures below? Guess!).

Skaters Skater Skater (3) Skater (2)

The big final was a Kiss medley played by a live band, pretty awesome I have to say!


Since me personally is a fan of the people on ice with a puck, this was a nice change and well worth the time spent. Even better the people with the puck beat the Checks in the world cup later that evening.

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The art of being a woman

After the fall of the book club a couple of new ones have risen, a new version of the old one and the one I met up with this past Thursday. It’s not always easy to meet up with two people that you have never met before that at the same time know each other a bit, however it worked out perfectly fine (I.e they didn’t complain too much when I babbled away).

The place we were supposed to meet at appear to be a popular one as all the tables were reserved and we had to wing it and ended up at a place called Viggos (not the one by the central station in Lund, the other one). If you don’t mind any service at all this place would work fine, the food was real yum and it’s not too pricy.



I was full until lunch the next day on that Mexican burger.

The book we had chosen was How to be a woman, translated into the art of being a woman in swedish. It did bring out quite a few interesting discussions and the main conclusion was that it should might be called The art of being Caitlin Moran (the author) as each persons experience of growing up and all that comes with it, is different.


I will have to admit to not have finished the book, not sure what I was thinking when I figured that a week including two exams would be good for meeting up talking about a book! It did capture my interest enough to wanting to finish it (like I would ever not finish a book I started) and planning to do so in the near future.

Did you read the book? What’s your thoughts on it?

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Exam day II

So, second exam of the week completed! The roughest part of the day was getting out of bed, no lazy morning chillin at home this time around as the exam started at eight and of course me and the studybuddy had to meet in good time, thus I found myself at the train station already at seven am, go figure!


The first point on the agenda was not-in-the-budget coffee, since I forgot to program my coffee maker last night.


The of course we had to do the standard trip to the grocery store.


Before we headed to the exam, an hour and a half later I had answered all the questions and are now sitting on the bus to work super excited as I haven’t been to work for a week and really missed it.


I don think it’s another B exam, however I’m pretty sure that I’ll pass and since my new attitude is that passing is enough as i am working as well, I feel (or at least trying to feel) pleased with myself.

Have an awesome Wednesday peeps!

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Exam day!

The day arrived when I had to re-sit my organizational theory exam. My last attempt (and for most of my classmates) was horrible! However since I over the past few days have given up all reminiscence of having a life, looked myself in my apartment I hope that today’s effort will at least give me a pass, do not care about getting a good grade (well, maybe a little), just want to be able to put this course behind me.

Since it was an afternoon exam, I stayed up late last night going through the last bits, thus the alarm for this morning was set for eleven, and of course the day starts of with some;


I can’t say that there was much of an appetite, however one must eat before an exam and surprisingly enough a fry-up actually fit into the student budget, I’ve always seen it as luxury food, not anymore.wpid-img_20140505_121352.jpg

The indecision over the food made me a bit late, not for the exam but for meeting the Study Buddy. We have a tradition of meeting about an hour before our exams to get prepped. Today, because I don’t like being late I needed to do a small jog in order to make the train. imageI then realized, arriving to Lund, that I had remembered the wrong time, we were supposed to meet at 12:30 not 12:20 so the little jog and all the stress was totally unnecessary! Oh well, I did get a few minutes to review some more for the test, something I usually don’t really do it’s just that this time I was freaking out a bit, I don’t know why, I study in Sweden so if I don’t pass the exam this time either I can just sit it again, and again, and again and I figure that some of all those agains should give me a pass!

When the Study Buddy finally arrived we started our normal tradition of before exam activities, which start at the grocery store for exam snacks (mostly within the budget);wpid-dsc_0119.jpg

Then we go get the next class’s textbook for the Study Buddy at the second-hand bookstore before moving on to coffee.

When all this is done we usually head over to the location of exam and hang out until it’s time to start, it can then look like this;wpid-dsc_0122.jpg

After today’s exams I couldn’t tell you if there will be an again or not, it didn’t feel to great and my mood needed a boost. Since my friends tend to be grown-up’s I was out of luck finding someone who could help me drown my sorrows before I headed home in order to study for the next exam, so instead I did a little karma work by signing up as a blood donor. Today they only took a little blood since it’s for testing not donating, still I have the war wounds to show for it.wpid-dsc_0123.jpg

The rest of this so and so day will be spent with this baby;wpid-shot_1399307408870.jpg

Hope you my peeps had an awesome Monday too, tomorrow it’s Tuesday you know!