Exam day!

The day arrived when I had to re-sit my organizational theory exam. My last attempt (and for most of my classmates) was horrible! However since I over the past few days have given up all reminiscence of having a life, looked myself in my apartment I hope that today’s effort will at least give me a pass, do not care about getting a good grade (well, maybe a little), just want to be able to put this course behind me.

Since it was an afternoon exam, I stayed up late last night going through the last bits, thus the alarm for this morning was set for eleven, and of course the day starts of with some;


I can’t say that there was much of an appetite, however one must eat before an exam and surprisingly enough a fry-up actually fit into the student budget, I’ve always seen it as luxury food, not anymore.wpid-img_20140505_121352.jpg

The indecision over the food made me a bit late, not for the exam but for meeting the Study Buddy. We have a tradition of meeting about an hour before our exams to get prepped. Today, because I don’t like being late I needed to do a small jog in order to make the train. imageI then realized, arriving to Lund, that I had remembered the wrong time, we were supposed to meet at 12:30 not 12:20 so the little jog and all the stress was totally unnecessary! Oh well, I did get a few minutes to review some more for the test, something I usually don’t really do it’s just that this time I was freaking out a bit, I don’t know why, I study in Sweden so if I don’t pass the exam this time either I can just sit it again, and again, and again and I figure that some of all those agains should give me a pass!

When the Study Buddy finally arrived we started our normal tradition of before exam activities, which start at the grocery store for exam snacks (mostly within the budget);wpid-dsc_0119.jpg

Then we go get the next class’s textbook for the Study Buddy at the second-hand bookstore before moving on to coffee.

When all this is done we usually head over to the location of exam and hang out until it’s time to start, it can then look like this;wpid-dsc_0122.jpg

After today’s exams I couldn’t tell you if there will be an again or not, it didn’t feel to great and my mood needed a boost. Since my friends tend to be grown-up’s I was out of luck finding someone who could help me drown my sorrows before I headed home in order to study for the next exam, so instead I did a little karma work by signing up as a blood donor. Today they only took a little blood since it’s for testing not donating, still I have the war wounds to show for it.wpid-dsc_0123.jpg

The rest of this so and so day will be spent with this baby;wpid-shot_1399307408870.jpg

Hope you my peeps had an awesome Monday too, tomorrow it’s Tuesday you know!


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