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Exam day II

So, second exam of the week completed! The roughest part of the day was getting out of bed, no lazy morning chillin at home this time around as the exam started at eight and of course me and the studybuddy had to meet in good time, thus I found myself at the train station already at seven am, go figure!


The first point on the agenda was not-in-the-budget coffee, since I forgot to program my coffee maker last night.


The of course we had to do the standard trip to the grocery store.


Before we headed to the exam, an hour and a half later I had answered all the questions and are now sitting on the bus to work super excited as I haven’t been to work for a week and really missed it.


I don think it’s another B exam, however I’m pretty sure that I’ll pass and since my new attitude is that passing is enough as i am working as well, I feel (or at least trying to feel) pleased with myself.

Have an awesome Wednesday peeps!

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