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The art of being a woman

After the fall of the book club a couple of new ones have risen, a new version of the old one and the one I met up with this past Thursday. It’s not always easy to meet up with two people that you have never met before that at the same time know each other a bit, however it worked out perfectly fine (I.e they didn’t complain too much when I babbled away).

The place we were supposed to meet at appear to be a popular one as all the tables were reserved and we had to wing it and ended up at a place called Viggos (not the one by the central station in Lund, the other one). If you don’t mind any service at all this place would work fine, the food was real yum and it’s not too pricy.



I was full until lunch the next day on that Mexican burger.

The book we had chosen was How to be a woman, translated into the art of being a woman in swedish. It did bring out quite a few interesting discussions and the main conclusion was that it should might be called The art of being Caitlin Moran (the author) as each persons experience of growing up and all that comes with it, is different.


I will have to admit to not have finished the book, not sure what I was thinking when I figured that a week including two exams would be good for meeting up talking about a book! It did capture my interest enough to wanting to finish it (like I would ever not finish a book I started) and planning to do so in the near future.

Did you read the book? What’s your thoughts on it?

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