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Ice Capades

Of all the places to go watch people on ice with or without a puck, Malmö isn’t the most apparent place to do so. This Sunday Malmö was the place to be though for a show with people who hang on ice without the puck, and it was an amazing show as well.


It was a bit unfortunate that there hadn’t been a bit more adverts for the show, I haven’t seen any it was mother dearest that heard about it so of course she was my date for the afternoon and the show named Infinity.


It was the Malmö ice-skating association that organized the event and their young ones was the cause of plenty of smiles, laughs and aaaaws. Due to the requirement for them to wear helmets, and the attempt to hide said helmet the little ones looked like real adorable little mushrooms.

The mushrooms

Not sure you can see them on the picture as it was a bit difficult to take pictures throughout the show, you know with the darkness and all.
In addition to the Malmö ice skaters, some with the potential to become the future of Swedish ice-skating, there were some really good, quite famous, skaters in the show as well, Carolina Koster, Tomas Verner, Alexander Majorov and Victoria Helgersson (which is which on the pictures below? Guess!).

Skaters Skater Skater (3) Skater (2)

The big final was a Kiss medley played by a live band, pretty awesome I have to say!


Since me personally is a fan of the people on ice with a puck, this was a nice change and well worth the time spent. Even better the people with the puck beat the Checks in the world cup later that evening.

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