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I voted! Will you?

There’s an election on for all of us in the European Union. I’m the first one to admit that the interest is low and from the beginning I wasn’t interested in Sweden joining the union at all.


However, I’m not a big fan of the direction that Europe is taking, extreme groups to both left and right are gaining ground and taking advantage of their positions. Some group’s see themselves as being correct and right and with that view they allow themselves to use violence against people that don’t agree with their way of thinking.

Some people take advantage of the current financial situation, using it as a way to close our borders and decide that certain groups are not welcome.

I think that we should remember that once upon a time Europe was poor and over-crowded, we could solve this by emigration. A part of why we are were we are is because of that, we should give other people a chance to do the same.

We have people that say that if you aren’t Scandinavian white and of the same Christian believe that we are raised with in Sweden you are a bad person, violent and stupid because you don’t know better.

We have people that say that if you don’t think like us you are an idiot and we are allowed to use violence and hate against you. We are allowed to take your right to free speech away because we don’t approve of what you are saying and thinking.

Because of all these people that think that they know better than everyone else. Because of the people that judge people based on how they look, what god they believe in, where they are from or what political view they have. Because of all these people I made sure to vote for this upcoming European Union election. I voted for someone that I believe can carry the voice of many people, no matter what.


Most of all I voted because I can!

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