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It could have been all about Irving

I have friends that post pictures like this on Facebook;

Books up for grabs and I was quick enough to get my hands on Irving, and even if the book was located in Copenhagen I managed to get my hands on it on Friday night, because yes! I got to go to Copenhagen for the weekend. So this post could be all about how I was reading Irving in Copenhagen, however it won’t be. My biggest fan came to town and managed to drag some of the old gang together, so Friday night was spent with them by the water enjoying a fab evening, and I didn’t manage to take a single picture!

Don’t worry though, the weekend didn’t end there. Saturday morning brought me to the tourist Mecca of Copenhagen, Nyhavn, where I had the honor of sitting on a wooden boat while enjoying the morning sun. I was sitting there, just hanging with Da Teacher while waiting for my biggest fan to show up. I had decided to be in charge of her Saturday in Copenhagen that brought us to a brunch date with a very lovely pregnant woman who is getting ready to move back to the US (Dear Miss Preggers, don’t think that you will get away, we will meet in October as long as the border people let me in).


After the yummy brunch we returned to the Mecca with white wine and crayons. Thus the afternoon was spent on first the little boat, then a bigger boat, together with wine and fun random people.


And of course there was drawings on the ground, don’t think me and Da Teacher will ever stop painting the world a happier place (not sure that dead body outlines make people happy, but whatever!).

I headed home early to crash while my biggest fan and da teacher continued their evening out, that story is not for me to tell though!

Once again a fab weekend on the other side of the water, thanks my peeps for making it happen!

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