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The missing train

This morning it was time again, another trip on my nemesis the train. As today is a bank holiday here in Sweden the streets were empty and quiet when I walked down to the station for my 8 am train. The sun was out though, and the air already warm and you get the feeling that nothing really can go wrong. Well, I should’ve known better than letting the quiet, sunny morning lure me into a false sense of security!
As I arrived to the station reading the tracks of the few trains that are departing (one company is on strike at the moment) I realize that there are no 8 am train! There’s no train with my trainnumber! There is no staff around to ask and the customer service number is closed on weekends. Perfect! The thoughts that was going through my brain at this point are not of the kind that can be shared, so you will have to believe me when I say they weren’t nice.
As I look around me I realize that I’m not the only one that look confused, checking my ticket, looking at the board, checking my ticket again. So I go talk with a couple of the people around me, and it turns out that we all have tickets for the same non-existing train. We all agree that the next train towards Stockholm must be ours and we all headed that way, and our seats were all available so I just sat down and got comfy.


It turned out that the train staff had three different numbers for the train, and as for the departure time, 8:04 was according to timetable, no one knows why the tickets were sold for 8 am. Maybe it’s the new way of trying to help people that are always late…

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