Riding My Bike

The night before total whack day!

Despite the non-existing train this morning, I made it to my destination, which happened to be the summerhouse. Even though I love going here for no reason what so ever, this time I have one; it’s biking time!

Yes, for the third year in a row I will be heading out on a 100k bike ride tomorrow!  Today was spent with some preparations like picking up our numbers,


Eating healthy,


Packing the bag with the necessities for tomorrow,


And of course, laying out the uniform, the same outfit will be used for the third year in a row, so if you see pictures of me tomorrow and think that you’ve seen them before, no it’s not reused pictures from previous years.


The rest of the evening will be spent watching TV just chillin with the family and as soon as the children are asleep there should be some Frost shown.

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