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Yey for Friday the 13th

When I bought my train ticket for this weekend’s escapades I realized that I would be traveling on a train on Friday the 13th. With my past experiences with trains I can’t say I was looking forward to it at all, picturing myself arriving in Gotham this morning rather than last night.


However that didn’t happen, it was a smooth ride with a fun conductor that made us all smile whit his funny ways and reminders about the butiful landscape that we were travelling through. Since I for the second weekend in a row left my computer at home I took the time to actually look out the window for a while.


I have never been good at just sitting doing nothing and since I managed to finish the only fiction book that I brought, I had no option other than reading my textbook. The exam isn’t until August but I’m struggling with this specific topic so my plan is to read the book over and over again until then. Will admit to wishing that I brought another fiction though.


Arriving on time in Gotham being met by mother dearest is always nice, even if I last saw her Monday this week. I think I appreciate her more now that dad isn’t around, and am happy that we can have so much fun together.

At her place a nice tartar was waiting for me with a side of red wine.


Now I’m sitting counting down the minutes until a couple of friends arrive. We will hang out at mom’s for a bit before heading out on an adventure – that I’ll might or might not share with you later, depends on how it end up.

Peace out ma peeps!

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4 thoughts on “Yey for Friday the 13th

  1. I can attest that bad luck can happen on Friday the 13, as we encountered several mishaps on the way to Busan, including having to buy an extra set of train tickets because of a technicality, and bad weather when we landed, forcing the pilot to go from gentle glide about 100 feet above the runway to full throttle to get back to altitude for another attempt. That was nerve-rattling! Nevertheless, I am totally aware that any suspicions of “bad luck” are nothing more than confirmation bias, but even I have to say that the p value of yesterday’s incidents as a whole seemed to be very nearly p<0.05.


  2. I’ve given up on believing in bad luck and stuff since the first thing I did when I arrived to film Vem vet mest was to knock over a whole salt shaker… and that went well anyway 😉


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