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18 years down the road

My Saturday started with a proper fry-up to ensure I was ready for the day to  come.


18 years ago we finished the nine years of required swedish school, and i figured it was time that we meet up again. In December last year, in the middle of a session of insomnia, o sent out an invite to the old classmates I had on Facebook. They in turn sent out an invite to the old classmates they had as friends on Facebook. We managed to get a good crew going, and decided that yesterday was a good day to meet. And it was.

Me and my bestest friend started at mummies balcony with some bubbles.


After being joined by yet another classmate we then headed into town and one of Gothams prettiest parks.


The rest of the afternoon was spent in the park with a good group of people that just like me thought that seeing the old crew was a fab idea. I also reverted back to my old teenage behavior of drinking wine straight out of the bottle.



It was real fun to see what people look like now and hear what they are doing. The evening continued late at one of the establishments of Gotham City, the alcohol was flowing so I hope I behaved myself!

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