The Nordic museum of watercolor

The exciting weekend continued on Sunday, barely recovered from the park-session with my old classmates, me and mummy dearest were picked up by my sister and her two little princesses (my nieces) on Sunday morning. The car took us north of Gotham to the beautiful location of Tjörn where the Nordic museum of watercolor is placed.


Reason for the trip was an article I read in my very fav mag last weekend about an apparently quite famous painter, and I fell madly in love with one of his paintings.

When my mother heard the which museum that was showing his paintings at the moment she told me we could do a road-trip and my sister was keen to join.

After what felt like forever (again, me hung-over) with a very hungry tummy we finally made it to the beautiful Swedish coast and lunch, while the rest of the crew paced themselves I went all out with both a starter, a lovely session of salmon and shrimp as well as fish main;


It tasted just as fab as it looks.

Then the excitement started, the paintings were even cooler and more amazing in real life than when you goggled them. The details and lights were jaw dropping! It’s amazing how you can create such amazing things with just water and some color.

Of course you can’t leave such a place without doing some painting yourself, well I could, and my sister even made a small painting that I’m now frame hunting for as it’s going up on my bedroom wall.



After the long day we drow back home for dinner where grandmother joined as well, so Sunday became a day of family.

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