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Bye bye Gotham – for a while

My trip home on Monday wasn’t planned until the evening, which gave me some time to enjoy my second home for a while longer. Not setting the alarm in the morning, just taking it slow before heading out with mother dearest to look at glasses for her, brought an accidental buy, nerd alert. I got a pair of those sunnies that you wear over your normal glasses, however better than nothing and not looking as bad as I thought it would.

The quality time continued as I had a lunch date with my sister and our old neighbor, we lived next door to each other for about 12 years, her being of the age inbetween me and my sister so we could hang out all of us. Lately we have picked up contact a bit more with lunch dates in Gotham and coffee breaks when she visit Malmö with her family. It’s the magic of Facebook I think, to be able to reconnect with the people from the past that you actually want to meet still.

Both Old neighbor and Sister had to rush back to work, while I could make my way back to mothers and a coffee by the water. It was pretty cool to sit there and watch the Coast Guard float past. That is not a boat you see every day!

After all of this, there wasn’t time for much more than head to the train station and the train that would take me back home to my every-day life. Weekends like the one that passed can make me want to move back to Gotham. Then I remember that not every weekend at home is like this one was, and that I have weekends like that in Malmö as well – then I don’t want to move anymore, I’m quite happy where I am, and I have a pretty decent weekend ahead of me as well. But first, work!

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