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Come rain come sunshine

This Tuesday I were to do something that I haven’t done since I was a teenager, Orienteering! The weather was amazing the whole day while I was stuck in the office, however as time ticked closer to six o’clock and go time the grey clouds were gathering in the area were the exercise was to take place, if you looked in the opposite direction, where you also found my home, the sky was blue and sun shining. I was briefly considering to just flag the whole thing and just go home, it was just that I had been looking forward for days.

Over the past couple of years I have really started missing my old orienteering days and have been considering starting again, and just never gotten around to it. So when there was a Orienteering session planned through MeetUp, I was on. So I jumped on my bike and headed towards the clouds, and surprisingly enough I didn’t make it far before the sky opened up. Since I was to meet people I just kept biking even if it was though, we are not talking about some gentle summer rain here, nope it was a proper downpour and when I finally made it to my destination I was soaking wet.

As I was standing under cover realizing that everything was wet, my bag didn’t keep the rain out, and as I started freezing I was again in a mood to go home. Then being a bit grown-up I figured I might as well just head out, I mean I was already soaking wet so a little bit more rain didn’t matter.

Since I had gotten talking with the girl that organized the MeetUp session, we decided to head out together and it worked fine. Both of us was in it for the fun not the winning, so we ran a bit, walked a bit and talked a lot. After a small session of lightning and thunder the rain subsided and stopped completely. All in all, it turned out to be a real good evening, and it was just as much fun as I remembered it to be.

I will totally attend next week’s session, try to get some friends in the local club and come fall, if it’s still fun I will try and keep at it, maybe run a couple of races as well. That is fall though, we’ll see.

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