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Sometimes you just have to blow that budget

Today Mr Grumpy Jr came over to celebrate Lady T’s birthday with her and I was invited as well. We started with lunch at a real nice place just up the street from me, food picture required;


It was pouring down rain at this point, so much it was coming down the walls of the covered outdoor area we were sitting in. Staring at the water coming down the walls we realized someone forgot their caine;


Lady T also realized that there was a big hole in one of my favorite sweaters.


I’ve been wearing that to work I don’t know how many times and no one mentioned it. I also had it for i don’t know how many years so it’s fine to retire it. Miss T then mentioned that there was a sale on at my favorite store. Hey if you throw something out you are allowed to replace it. It might not have been replaced with something too similar but at least with something I know I’ll love for years to come. And I got to do a very fashionable changing room selfie!


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