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Another Tuesday, another orienteering session

This week the orienteering took place in the (in Sweden) well known suburb of Rosengård. It has a bad rep due to it’s troubled population and is pointed at when talking about the bad integration of Malmö.


I really regret not bringing my phone with me so I could take pictures of the quaint little church, the gardens, the big screen showing the football and the little kids that found the controls and assisted us all in the act of stamping our proof of actually finding the controls (except for the one someone chucked on the roof of a building).
It was a fun session as Rosengård is a place I usually don’t spend time in as well as managing to drag Miss T along so she could show of her map reading skills.


Since I had Miss T at my side the tempo was a bit higher this time that last, as can be seen from the picture above.

I’m really looking forward to the next session, which might or might not be next Tuesday. It depends on what time I return home from the summerhouse and how much recovery I need from Monday’s babysitting session.

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