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From kinder eggs to pulled pork

Going to the summerhouse with mother dearest can be a quite peaceful affair, summerhouse with the nieces is quite the opposite. I did have a quite peaceful start to the day, how can you not with a view like this?


After that it’s been full speed ahead, maybe fueld by the Saturday candy, even old auntie got some.



The sun was shining so we decided to head to the lake for the day. If it was just me I would be ready in the time it takes to make a pot of coffee, with two kids and their mother it takes loads longer. However we made it! With coffee and interesting cinnamon bun;



Someone got her hair braided;


I’m also getting a bit spoiled as sister dearest have stocked up on things that I like that doesn’t fit in the student budget, such as chips, dip, soda and the total fav mozzarella and tomato;


While we were away brother-in-law was working on the house and proving that men can multi-task as well with homemade pulled pork and a coleslaw to die for.



This first day of the long weekend will be ended with Costa Rica vs Holland, if we are lucky we’ll manage to stay awake for the whole thing, there are doubts…

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