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From blowing the budget (totally and completely) to the return home

This my last day of my four-day weekend started in a nice and peaceful way, yeah right! We had our brekkie and then headed towards the mall, where me and da sister got some alone time when her hubby took the girls and had some quality time. I also went totally crazy on the shopping, I bought a pair of shorts, two dresses, a purse and three tops.
None of this are at all in the budget, and I pretty much spent all the money that I was to use for the rest of the month. It felt fab at the moment, it’s been a while since I let loose on the shopping like that, and it was all on sale so I got the things for a great price. Now in hindsight, I’m feeling a tad bit bad about it, realizing that the money could be spent on better things like food or the likes. I also realize that I should probably book and pay for my tickets to the US in a very near future before I accidentally spend all the money on oops moments.

In the spirit of shopping, we also had lunch at the McDonald’s in the mall, that is another thing I haven’t done in a while.

After shopping it was time for fika, and we went to what we in Sweden call Hembygdsförening, which is pretty much a bunch of old people hanging out in old buildings selling cheap coffee and homemade cookies as well as craft items they sell for a nice little amount of money. It’s a real nice way to just hang out.




When we got back to the house, there weren’t much more to do than pack my stuff together, help dry some dishes and fall asleep from the heat, before it was time to head to the magnificent station and the train home.

The train gods seems to still have a soft spot for me, as even though my first train was a bit late in arriving, my connection was even more delayed to ensure I had no problems making the train to Malmö. We did arrive about 25 minutes late, however with my past that is acceptable.

The rest of the evening was spent cooking food for this weeks lunches, enjoying a toilet that flushes and watching Brazil getting absolutely and totally whipped by Germany. Have to say that the excitement went out the game pretty quickly and I found myself feeling more sorry for Brazil than happy for Germany.

How was your Tuesday ma peeps?

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