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There are a couple of things in my life that I need to re-think, one of those is my bad habit of just doing things without thinking. Being impulsive have its charm, but seriously all these races and things that involve exercise that I insist of doing…really?!?! I drink beer like a man, I smoke like a chimney and I hate exercising.

Well since, I do not think twice I found myself standing next to Lady T this Saturday, all dressed up;


For running that is! I accidentally agreed to run 10k’s. Annoying as hell, since I find running real boring, and try to avoid it as much as possible. The race was also the first Swedish Championship in 10k on highroad (that’s google translate so not sure it’s the right word for the Swedish Landsväg). Just so that you know, there wasn’t that many amateurs in this race so it was a bit lonely in the end.

However, last november I ran 10k’s in (1:24:20)

FinalloppetAnd yesterday I ran it in (1:14:43);

SM Milen

Whoop, whoop people, that’s a proper cut in time for someone who really never work out at all. Of course Endomondo was of as usual, it went real crazy yesterday so when I reached the 9k sign it told me I reached my target…just one k of, helped loads for the real tired “I just want to go home and cry” person that ended up forth from last.

Da race

Well, I made it even though I was totally beat when I reached goal, however looking back at my time now I am very pleased with myself.


Seriously, I was almost 10 minutes faster than last time and it’s a pretty good time for someone who haven’t made running for a living. The highlight of the day though, was probably when I returned home for the race and some of my neighbors were sitting outside drinking beer. Since they were so impressed with my days work they offered me some.

The evening ended with one of my shortest appearances in a party ever, I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open. It was a real nice party and for the second time in two weeks the party offered freshly made Langos, seriously I can so get addicted to those!





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