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Darn Germany, why did it have to take that long?

The final in a world cup that Sweden wasn’t in still have to be watched. My wish was Holland – Germany, since Holland couldn’t perform I only had Germany left to cheer for (it being European and all). We went to a place not far from where I live with overpriced food and drinks, and I finished of the week the way I started; by going over budget.

As the nice evening turned totally Sweden rain, Germany didn’t score any goals and as it went in to overtime there were more wine consumed than it should’ve been. For starters I have to work tomorrow morning, secondly it’s really hard to watch overtime without wine once you started drinking it.


Congrats Germany, there will be a bill arriving in the mail (as soon as I figured out where to send it) for two glasses of wine that I never would’ve consumed if  you could just have scored during regular time! I think you owe me that much at least!

Ps: How bad was that ref really? They should have picked the Swedish one!!

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