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Quality time with da favorite Latte Mum

This evening brought real quality time as my fav Latte Mum joined me for some celebration time in honor of my latest extension at work (until the end of the year if anyone missed it), she had some celebration of her own as well, so it suited well. My suggestion was bubbles with snacks in the park, she changed snacks to Sushi and who says no to that?

We also got a free show in the park by some people doing something, Latte Mum used a real difficult word and mentioned something about Brazil and martial arts. Not completely sure.
If you noticed the increase in bubbles over the past year, it’s because have found that celebration of nice things that happen in your life is a real nice thing to do. For those that also would love all the bubbles but not the increased intake of alcohol, I can recommend this bottle of de-alcoholised bubbles from Australia, it was real nice and goes very well with Sushi (I know this because it’s what we drank tonight).

Do you have anything to celebrate in your life ma peeps? Then just do it!

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