Poland 2014

Take off (second attempt)

The other day, while still in Poland, I spent loads of time writing a post and then trying to find a WiFi that was stable enough to upload. When I did, the post uploaded empty and all my text and pictures were gone, so I gave up on trying to blog during the vacation. So here goes, I hope it works this time!

* * *

Finally it was time for the real vacation to start, a little trip to Poland, a country that I never visited before. The trip started super early in the morning, I woke up at 5 am, with a 6:10 bus to the Malmö airport.

1. Departure 2. Morning coffee

The trip both to the airport and the flight went surprisingly smoothly for being me traveling, and after a quick taxi to the hotel that were kind enough to give us a room even if we arrived hours before check-in,we headed out.

First stop was a nice cold, cheap Polish beer and some salmon salad lunch at one of the touristy places closest to the hotel, still in the beautiful old town of Warsaw. And a cute little puppy guarding our table.

wpid-shot_1405933669254.jpg wpid-dsc_0044.jpg wpid-shot_1405934502341.jpg

Then the walking begun, I don’t know how much we walked during these days, but man my feet were hurting. I have also taken loads of pictures of beautiful buildings, fountains and the likes, I won’t bore you with all of them.

9. walking some more 10. Walking some more 6. Walking around 5. Walking around

Walking makes you thirsty, especially in the heat, and for the first time in my life I had a Spritzer that wasn’t made by Miss Legal, it was good however Miss Legal makes better ones. We also got a little after food drink even if we didn’t eat, unfortunately neither me or Lady T likes the taste of cherries if it isn’t actually a cherry so this wasn’t for us.

7. Spritzer 8. After spritzer drink

The walking then continued, and continued, and continued. Luckily enough we found a Starbucks so I could enjoy what would be the first of many, Strawberry and Cream Frappuccino.

StarbucksWhen we finally arrived back in the hotel in the afternoon, I just crashed into one little sweaty and tired pile of needing to sleep. I managed to get maybe an hour before waking up, starving for more food. So we walked back to the old town square for some more touristy food for dinner. We got two starters to share, after they arrived we realized that one to share was enough.

12. Starter 14. Starter 2 13. The restaurant

For dinner I tried the famous Polish Pirogi, or dumplings as they call them in English on the menu. I have to say that I expected something completely different, more like the pirogi I make at home rather than the dumplings that was on my plate. And since of course the cheese I had to start out with wasn’t enough, I also had cheese in my cheese and onion pirogi. They tasted better than expected and I could now say that I had tried some typical polish food.

16. Pirogi

We finished of this looooong day with a drink overlooking a beautiful square and a Palace. Warsaw is a very relaxed city and it was easy to let the shoulders down and just enjoy the beautiful evening.

me 17. Evening drink

I also have to mention that I totally appreciate the fact that right next to the hotel there was 24hr alcohol store, heaven for someone from Sweden with limited access to alcohol thanks to the government monopoly.

18. 24hr alcohol

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