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Dinner at Restauracja Sąsiedzi Krakow

This beautiful restaurant that we found on our afternoon out in Krakow deserves it very on post, because it was just so fab. The name of the place is Restauracja Sąsiedzi and if you are ever in Krakow I can totally recommend it, you find their webpage here. They are also recommended by Guide Michelin, always a good sign.

The restaurant

As so many other places in Poland, it looks like a rather small, quaint little place from the outside but when you enter it’s like a labyrinth of small little rooms and walkways. This place had a back garden partly glassed in and partly not, as for this evening the rain was pouring down so we were happy for the glass roof.


The place is beautifully decorated so I spent some time in-between the courses taking pictures of everything and nothing, as you will notice. Now to the food, I started with an absolutely amazing little salmon tartar, I just love salmon, and tartar so the mix of them can really never go wrong.


I cleaned the plate, I can tell you that. While waiting for the main course to be served, I was playing photographer, this is our table lamp;

lampMy order for main course was the Pork tenderloin skewers, baked potatoes, pickled cucumber and garlic sauce that was served in the most amazing way. It was a bit hard to take a picture of it so the picture of me hiding behind my food taken by Lady T will have to describe the experience.

Me and my food Table (2)

After this meal, I figured enough was enough, there is no way there could be more room in my tummy, it appears that my oldest niece is right – the dessert tummy always have room. Thus, I accidentally managed to order ice cream with warm raspberries as well. I was especting a small bowl with a couple of spoons of ice cream and some raspberries, instead I got this;


I think that even the waiter was impressed with me once I finished it, and I think I entered into a small food coma. But damn this food was good! I think I’m getting cravings for it now, anyone wanna go to Krakow with me, like now?

We then of course also received the strange little cherry after dinner drink, that I politely sipped and decided that I still don’t like.

After dinner drink

After dinner we returned to the hotel for an evening drink before bedtime, becuase as you might have guessed Thursday came with an early morning.

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