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Warsaw to Krakow

This vacation is now having more early mornings than a normal working week for me, Wednesday saw us getting up and about to make the morning train to Krakow. The things you do on your time of. At 7:30 in the morning, I now organized a little tram chaos (you know me and transportation) so we had to get of in the middle of the road, jump on the metro for one stop before we made it to the train station with big hopes that the trainjinx would stay away.

Our tram Tram chaos

Road to the station

Breakfast was purchased in one of Poland’s own coffee shops at the station, I tried to drink my coffee straight away instead I had to spit it out and then walk around for the rest of the day with a blister in my mouth and no taste on the tip of my tongue, so much for heat control. However, about an hour later when I wanted to eat my tuna sandwich the coffee was also cold enough to drink.

Brekkie (2)

A little something that the Swedish train companies can learn from, was the sweet little lady that walked through the train handing out free coffee, tea or water. I opted for a bottle of water, and was given a chocolate wafer with it. Customer service in a nutshell. The ride down would have been perfect if it hadn’t been for the fact that we were in the kids cart where they had an area for kids to play in. Something some kids took advantage of for most of the three hour ride, lucky me I slept for most of it (and seriously if that was the worst the polish train gods can throw at me, they have nothing on the Swedish ones).

Free water and cracker

Arriving in Krakow we set out on the about fifteen minute long hike to our hotel hoping to be able to check in early, and for the second hotel in a row, that was easily sorted. Then it was lunch time again (gotta love the vacation eating) and we decided for yet another touristy square. I chose a Cesar Salad with my beer and the first glance it’s the smallest Cesar Salad ever, one should never judge a book by it’s cover though as it turned out to be a pretty deep hole in the middle of the plate.

Lunchtime view Lunch BeerWe then spent the afternoon walking around the square, checking out some stores and the likes as proper tourists.

Tower The square House on the square The square (2) Building on the square

And after several hot and sticky days something magnificent happened, the rain came! I love when that happens and you feel like you can breath again (and to be honest, I’m melting away on my couch right now waiting for the exact same thing to happen here). We hid out in a quaint little bar while waiting for the rain to pass, you guessed it, yet another vacation afternoon beer 🙂

Rain beer Painting on the wall Rain Rain (2)When the rain passed, we walked around for a bit more, saw some more old nice buildings, checked out the oldest Synagogue in Krakow in the Jewish part of town. Touristy stuff – check!

Olddest Synagogue Building (2)

We also walked past something called Svensson, and with the blue and yellow sign it just have to be Swedish so I just had to take a picture.


While walking around in the Jewish area we also found a Michelin recommended restaurant that looked real adorable, so we made a reservation for dinner later in the evening but before that I had to go back and get my standard afternoon nap, and rest my feet a bit as they were hurting big time at this point.



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