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Tuesday morning we woke up to a full day in Warsaw that started with a proper hotel brekkie, as required when out travelling.

1. Hotel brekkie 2. Hotel brekkie

Then we headed out and about, starting with the Jewish neighborhood right next to our hotel, where there are memorials, museums and statues in memory of the Second World War and the Holocaust. It’s impossible to not walk around without taking a moment and think about what happened then and then think about what’s going on in Europe at the moment.

Memorial (2) Memorial (3) Memorial

After the walk down history lane we decided to visit a park that according to the map had a couple of palaces and other beautiful things, including Poland’s Versailles. After all the walking the day before we also decided on trying out the Warsaw public transportation in the way of the Metro. Nice and clean like everything else in Poland, think we Swedes can learn a bit from this country (especially when it comes to public toilets, theirs are awesome ours are not).

Metro Metro (2) Metro (3)

The first thing we needed when we finally made it to the park (didn’t really take that long) was coffee for Lady T and morning vacation beer for me. We just couldn’t resist this little place that looked very much like a Hobbit house, and the interior and garden was absolutely a-mazing. I could spend the whole day in there with my book.

Hobbit placce Hobbit place (3) Hobbit Place Hobbit Place (2) Hobbit place (5)


Amazingly enough I only took one(!) picture in the whole park, I must just have been in awe about how beautiful it was. The buildings might not have been as big and lavishing as expected, the park was beautiful though, promise.


As we were making our way back towards the more central part of Warsaw, we must have exited the park in the wrong end so we got a nice little hike next to the highway in boiling heat (not recommended) however, underneath the overpass we saw some real cool graffiti (not sure I made it justice in this picture). My experiences tells me that if you are interested in graffiti, highways are usually a good bet.



With all the walking, and walking, and walking. Lady T started to loose it a little bit in the heat I think as she wanted to go have a chat with the rainbow. Before you all throw yourselves on the phone to call the looniebin, there was an actual rainbow.


And I don’t really think she wanted to chat so much with it as sitting down in this little square for some liquid intake. I of course opted for another local specialty.

Beer (2)

We are now closing into the afternoon we realized it was lunchtime and headed out to find a place to eat, we must have been super hungry because I totally forgot to take a picture of the food (oh, my, god, I’m such a horrible blogger). I managed to get one on the dessert though, love Starbucks Poland for their frappuccino happy-hour, half price here I come!


After Starbucks we returned back to the hotel for a nap and some cool after a long hot day. At least I took a nap, Lady T went for a run. Not sure if I should be impressed or call here crazy. When I woke up again, it was already dinner (are you seeing the perfect vacation? beer – sun – food – beer – sun – food – beer – frappuccino – food) and we settled for a place that called itself the best Mexican in Warsaw. As it was the only Mexican we had seen, they might just be right, and the food was fab.

Dinner (2) Dinner (3) Dinner (4) Dinner

We ended the evening with walking up Lady T’s favorite street, walking past a real cool car;

Cool car

and then sat down at a place that we walked passed a couple of times that looked real cozy. It was, the service totally sucked though which was sad because I would have recommended it otherwise. When looking for the bathroom you had to go down in the basement that turned out to be a huge gallery.

Evening drink Evening drink (3)

We then returned to the hotel and bed as we had a relatively early start on Wednesday morning.

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