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Krakow to Warsaw to Home

Thursday started with, you guessed it, another early morning. This morning started with a not so good hotel brekkie, where the coffee was totally instant and I couldn’t finish the cup.


Before I checked out of this hotel, I just had to take some pics of its old fashioned self, I mean the door even needed a key, I really mean a proper key, that you had to turn in the lock.

Key in the door Carpet Tiles

After the brekkie and the photo moment of the old fashioned hotel it was then time for the early morning reason, we were picked up for a trip to Auschwitz, something that will be getting it’s on post, for this post though; we were good little tourists running around whit the badge and all around our neck and got cheap microwaved lunch.



We returned back to Krakow after a 6,5hr ride and it was, due to our train schedule, time for dinner, the rain was pouring down at this stage still we managed to find a place that was out doors with some cover, and I know at least I would’ve loved it if the weather would’ve been nice.

Restaurant Dinner Beer

After “dinner” we went and got our bags from the hotel, walked down to the train station, and guess what! The train station in Krakow does have a Starbucks with Frappuccion happy hour, guess what I got!


Then it was train time again, and it was shown that the free coffee, tea, water with wafer that we got on the way down wasn’t a lucky thing, it’s something that they really do on the Polish trains.

Train coffe

Back in Warsaw we managed to find our way to the tram (not the easiest thing, I tell you) and made our way to the hotel without issue.


I still had a can of beer left that I had been carrying around for some days now, and did something that I have childhood memories of (sorry mum), beer in plastic cups in hotel rooms.

Last beer

After yet another early night (thought vacations where there for the other way around) we went home, however Warsaw gave me a beautiful goodbye.

Good morning


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