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What a difference a night makes

It’s pretty amazing to be able to take a Monday morning train home from the summerhouse rather than the Sunday evening train. It’s so much nicer spending Sunday night with mother dearest, lighting up the BBQ and participate in a bingo game show, than sitting on a train returning to an empty apartment .



Being able to look at the hours I worked and see that I have enough, thus not needing to head into work for a few hours before class, is one of the great luxuries that studying full-time, working half-time brings with it.
Thus I’m now sitting on a train (again), keeping my fingers crossed that the trainjinx will stay away as I have a very small window between arrival and start of class.


The reason I dared was the one hour and five minute late arrival I had to the summerhouse on Friday. I assume that the traingods will let me of with that one, and this far all has been well, there is however, an hour and a half left to go. Wish me luck!

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