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Göteborg book fair 2014

For me,  the yearly  book fair in Göteborg is better than Christmas and it didn’t let me down this year either. The first book purchased this year was by Dawit Isaak who is a swedish-Eritrean author that has been imprisoned in Eritrea since 2001. I’m not sure when the last proof of life was received,  however there are still people out there that are fighting to have him released and the full profit from this book is used for that purpose. wpid-shot_1411841153655.jpg

We then moved further into the book fair and was stopped at small table where you could buy three books for a 100 swedish crowns, an offer that needs to be investigated further. The author is Midhat Ajanovjc, born in Sarajevo but live in Göteborg since 1994, the publisher is called Una and are responsible for translating his books into swedish. Me and mother dearest fancied one each of his books and then we got the third for free pretty much. It will be interesting to read, and I’ll get back to you on whether it’s good or not.wpid-shot_1411841136256.jpg

After that it was on to theveryone magazine that I now made a tradition of getting three issues of at the fair, just because the publisher have some interesting books that you get one for free when you sign up. This year I got my hands on a very interesting cookbook that I just couldn’t resist.wpid-shot_1411841120194.jpg

On our way to the super cheap book section, we walked past a publisher that just published a new issue of Rudolph Höss’ s memories. He was in charge of the Auschwitz-Birkenau and as I went there for a visit this summer, I found the topic interesting also, his grandson that wrote the preface for this issue was there and signed my book for me. He is now working actively against rasism.wpid-shot_1411841144549.jpg

I didn’t find any books in the super cheap section, on our way back from there I did find a really nice notebook that I just couldn’t resist buying.wpid-shot_1411841162044.jpg

And then finally we were on our way to the only author that was on my wishlist. Sadly enough the line for having ones picture with the author,  Fredrik Backman, and getting the book signed was way to long so I had to be happy with a picture of the author and the book.wpid-shot_1411841076685.jpgwpid-img_20140927_142620.jpg

After that it was time to head home and get ready for the plastic oncles birthday party, however, before I did that I took the opportunity to add to the book load with some books from mother dearests shelves. wpid-shot_1411841231289.jpg

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Yey, hockey season is on!

As the days are getting shorter and the dark is creeping over us here in the north, there are some things that are just getting better – the sport! Winter means ice-hockey, my favorite sport to watch!


And the trips up north to Gotham, if I’m lucky, contains attending a game with row five seats. Thus was the case tonight. It also means quality time with mummy dearest and one of my aunties. Can it get much better than that?

Oh yeah, they won! Whoop, whoop!

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The scatter brain

This morning I was running around my apartment to get the last bits done that you do before you go away for the weekend. As I picked up my stuff to head out the door I stopped and asked myself if I should check and make sure my ATM card was in my purse in order to ensure that I avoided another incident like the last time I went to Gotham City, and then I thought to myself; no, I’m sure it’s in there. Then I headed out to meet Da studybuddy for a luxury coffee before class, guess what! Standing in the coffee shop the card was nowhere to be found!
At least I started the day with giving quite a few people a very good laugh, think the biggest one came from my sister.
It was a bit of a pain as the weekend come with quite a few expenditures, like a surf tablet, mummy’s birthday and my favorite time of the year, Gothenburg book fair. At times like this it’s nice to have friends and family, Da studybuddy paid for my coffee and gave me some cash to tidy me over until I reached Gotham. Once there mummy let me borrow money that I then just make a bank transfer for, the magic of smartphones! So, problem solved.
After running some errands on the way home from the station, where the train arrived right on time, I pulled out my fleece jacket that was safely tucked away in my backpack. Guess what I found!?!

Oh well, even if the problem was solved, it’s still so much nicer to have access to your own money.

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It’s funny the way life works

So, Wednesday morning I complain about how nine to five my life has become, totally forgotten the plans made for Wednesday night. My new collegue at work is an healthy addition to my life, even to my budget both in regards of money or time might be tight, she wants to do and see things.
Tonight she had signed us up for a MeetUp dinner, people that I did the park orienteering with this summer, so I got the pleasure of meeting some of them again. That together with a cheap dinner and the chill morning was good for the soul.

The menu

The food

The beer

And I tried cactus for the first time of my life.

Just what this girl needed. Then she got a healthy dose of the best neighbor in the world to finish of the night. Will be tired tomorrow, but it’s worth it!

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Good morning!

In January when I started studying for my bachelor my schedule was pretty much different from day to day. I could have class in the morning, or in the afternoon and some days there was no class at all. I loved the flexibility as it led to my work schedule being as flexible.
This semester is different, class is pretty much at the same time every day, and it is class every day. Thus I pretty much have the nine to five life that I was so happy that I had gotten out of. My alarm goes of at 6:55am, and then I have until 9:30 before I have to head out to school and my 10am class. The hours in the morning I drink my coffee and try to get some studying in, with more or less success.
Class last until noon when I head to the office and stay there until 6-7pm before heading home. Trust me, when I arrive home I don’t really feel like doing anything at all, even though dinner and studying is how I should be spending my night.
For someone that likes updating her blog this lifestyle isn’t very productive. Sad but true! I do have some posts waiting to be written, like the rest of my vacation in Greece, being a tourist in Sweden and so. It’s just that the long days fry my brain.
This morning I don’t have class, and instead of heading to work early I decided to take some time for my self, enjoying my coffee and soon a relaxing bath with my fav magazine. I also only have one week left until vacation, well from work because as a student you never have time off. So I have to take this opportunity to thank Miss America for getting married, as it gives me an excuse to fly of to that big country in the west for a couple of weeks. Appreciated!
Anyhow, just wanted to let you know I’m still here and alive, now; to the bathtub!

Have a fab Wednesday ma peeps!

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It’s time to say goodbye!

For the past nine years I’ve had a very loyal and trusted companion, my coffee maker. It’s been truly brilliant when a few minutes before my alarm would go of in the morning, started to brew that magic drink we call coffee. Who can deny that waking up is easier when the aroma of coffee whiffs into your bedroom?


However, on Friday something went wrong, it just wouldn’t brew. I hold the coffee maker responsible for how the rest of my Friday turned out! I decided to give it the weekend to chill, it could have been a crap Friday morning mood, who doesn’t suffer that from time to time?
Returning home yesterday nothing had changed so the decision had to be made. Without delivering coffee there is no room for this loyal companion in my home and longer. Thus I had to take the trip to Media Markt today, and it only took me a couple of minutes to find this baby;


It has the same functionality as the old one , thus I’m now looking forward to once again waking up to the smell of coffee tomorrow morning.

Sleep tight my peeps!

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Running for gold, or at least a three course dinner

There was two reasons for me to visit Gotham City this weekend, the main one being my nieces seventh birthday, the second reason was another 10k race. Why I keep doing this to myself I don’t know, and this time I got my sister to join as well. This is how happy we looked before the race;wpid-dsc_0160.jpg

The start of the race took us past two areas of the city that usually isn’t open for the public, the Stena Line ferry terminals. It was real cool to run right next to the humongous boats that travel to Denmark and Germany and I was itching to stop and take a picture. However I didn’t.
Not long after the ferry to Germany my body started to object and I felt real sick. The weather had at this point turned from perfect running weather to a hot scorching sun and I had to start walking telling my sister that she could run ahead.
When I reached one of the big bridges crossing the river i realized that there wouldn’t be any personal best today so I took the luxury of enjoying the view, and sharing it on all my social networks.wpid-img_20140913_150017.jpg

Reaching the other side of the bridge meant downhill and shade so I managed to get some running done, there was also the family cheering me on. And I did make it into goal in the end on a not to shabby time of 81 minutes, only seven minutes after the last personal best.wpid-shot_1410767165218.jpg

As I crossed the goal line a dude with a microphone came over and decided to have a chat with me. Not really what you want when you can’t really speak and just feel like collapsing into a little pile. He was forgiven though, when he handed over a gift certificate for a three-course dinner for two. A dinner that me and sister dearest will enjoy sometime during the year to come.


Then it was just to head home, have a shower and head to the birthday party.