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Crazy Friday!

After a couple of intense weeks with school starting again, trying to cover two weeks of vacation in October with hours at work now, as well as getting to know and hanging out with neighbors and new colleagues, it was finally Friday! Yey! Or maybe not.

As I’m rushing around my apartment trying to find everything I need for a weekend in Gotham, there was something missing!  The smell of coffee!  For some reason the coffee maker refused to make coffee, no matter what I tried there was no coffee pouring down in the pot for me to make.
Oh well, I had to give up on it and get my ass to class where the studybuddy let me taste some of her coffee!


After the required public service announcement I headed to the station to finally get myself a coffee and a sandwich that would last me all the way to Gotham. This is when I realized that the VISA that I put in the pocket of my jeans the night before, was still in the pocket of my jeans, those jeans not being the same as the ones I was wearing!

Fantabolous! As a person that like using my card to pay for stuff, I very seldom have cash on hand, at least this time I had enough for a small coffee and a small sandwich.


At least I made it to Gotham two minutes ahead of time!

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