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Running for gold, or at least a three course dinner

There was two reasons for me to visit Gotham City this weekend, the main one being my nieces seventh birthday, the second reason was another 10k race. Why I keep doing this to myself I don’t know, and this time I got my sister to join as well. This is how happy we looked before the race;wpid-dsc_0160.jpg

The start of the race took us past two areas of the city that usually isn’t open for the public, the Stena Line ferry terminals. It was real cool to run right next to the humongous boats that travel to Denmark and Germany and I was itching to stop and take a picture. However I didn’t.
Not long after the ferry to Germany my body started to object and I felt real sick. The weather had at this point turned from perfect running weather to a hot scorching sun and I had to start walking telling my sister that she could run ahead.
When I reached one of the big bridges crossing the river i realized that there wouldn’t be any personal best today so I took the luxury of enjoying the view, and sharing it on all my social networks.wpid-img_20140913_150017.jpg

Reaching the other side of the bridge meant downhill and shade so I managed to get some running done, there was also the family cheering me on. And I did make it into goal in the end on a not to shabby time of 81 minutes, only seven minutes after the last personal best.wpid-shot_1410767165218.jpg

As I crossed the goal line a dude with a microphone came over and decided to have a chat with me. Not really what you want when you can’t really speak and just feel like collapsing into a little pile. He was forgiven though, when he handed over a gift certificate for a three-course dinner for two. A dinner that me and sister dearest will enjoy sometime during the year to come.


Then it was just to head home, have a shower and head to the birthday party.

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