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It’s time to say goodbye!

For the past nine years I’ve had a very loyal and trusted companion, my coffee maker. It’s been truly brilliant when a few minutes before my alarm would go of in the morning, started to brew that magic drink we call coffee. Who can deny that waking up is easier when the aroma of coffee whiffs into your bedroom?


However, on Friday something went wrong, it just wouldn’t brew. I hold the coffee maker responsible for how the rest of my Friday turned out! I decided to give it the weekend to chill, it could have been a crap Friday morning mood, who doesn’t suffer that from time to time?
Returning home yesterday nothing had changed so the decision had to be made. Without delivering coffee there is no room for this loyal companion in my home and longer. Thus I had to take the trip to Media Markt today, and it only took me a couple of minutes to find this baby;


It has the same functionality as the old one , thus I’m now looking forward to once again waking up to the smell of coffee tomorrow morning.

Sleep tight my peeps!

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